Flo Stephenson

Flo Stephenson

The overall experience was highly rewarding and informative

My entry into Dixon Wilson has been a more direct route since I was also a vacation student for the firm back in 2014.  I worked for 3 months over the summer in the London office, after which I completed my studies at Durham University (BSc Natural Sciences) and deferred my training contract to take a gap year. Now as a graduate trainee and studying towards the ACA, alongside five others including another vacation student, it is even more apparent that few firms can take pride in the unique community and limitless opportunities defining the culture at Dixon Wilson. 

The firm has much to offer for those seeking all-round professional development, enabling trainees to gain expertise in every key area of Accountancy without having to specialise from the start. Even just as an intern I was introduced to a variety of work, mainly involving cashbooks and data handling for trusts and high-net worth individuals, often very interesting clients.  Without any prior accounting knowledge I was faced with many challenges, but with ongoing guidance from my team these were quickly replaced by confidence in the new skills I begun to accumulate across the field. The overall experience was highly rewarding and informative; equipping me with knowledge that to this day has helped me find my feet.

Exposure to the firm’s commitment to a work-social equilibrium was above all the persuading factor in my choice to return to Dixon Wilson. Being a medium-sized firm simply means that each and every student, manager and partner plays a vital role in achieving this balance. I am continuously involved in the range of activities organised on a regular basis - from sports day and netball, to Oktoberfest and seasonal staff parties - which allow colleagues to simultaneously foster strong friendships and networks. The allocation of work itself within the core groups creates a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere, whilst encouraging personal growth as independent and distinguished professionals.

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