Paris Office

Paris Office

Understanding your world

Dixon Wilson provides a unique English speaking service for those wishing to take advantage of the many opportunities in France.

We help those wishing to live, work or invest in France, who prefer to take advice from English speaking professionals. Our French resident staff are all bi-lingual and include those who are qualified under both French and British professional rules.We offer advice on all aspects of UK and French taxation, succession planning and international estate planning.

Qualifications and Expertise

Our staff in Paris include those who are qualified both as British Chartered Accountants and French Experts Comptables (accountants). Our French accounting company, Dixon Wilson SARL, is registered with the French authorities to carry out accountancy assignments.

Our staff in Paris have been trained in a British professional environment. They advise on both UK and French accounting and tax matters. This enables us to talk to our British clients with a full understanding of the UK tax and regulatory environment from which they are approaching their affairs in France.

We advise on UK and French taxes and prepare tax returns for both countries. We can prepare accounts in English and French.

Work undertaken

For individuals, our services include:

  • Planning for tax residence in France
  • Personal income tax and wealth tax returns
  • The use of trusts
  • Succession and wills
  • Structuring of property ownership
  • Tax compliance for performers and sportsmen and assistance with tax audits

For companies, our services include:

  • General business services, including accounting and tax compliance
  • Business start-ups
  • Structuring of investments
  • Investigations for acquisitions and credit evaluation
  • International tax planning
  • Payroll and social security matters