Chi Lee Chim

Chi Lee Chim

The varied exposure helped me to digest the exam content a lot faster.

I studied Maths at Newcastle University for my undergraduate degree before joining Dixon Wilson in 2022. I was never certain of what I wanted go into after studying, but I knew I wanted to have a job title that my dad will be proud of.

Before I started working for Dixon Wilson, I had little knowledge of what accounting, tax, or audit work would actually entail on a day-to-day basis, I knew only of their surface-level definitions. Other graduate accounting roles I came across required that I already select a discipline to go into. I couldn’t see myself in any of these roles then because I knew I had to experience it for myself first.

This is why Dixon Wilson really stood out to me. Their ACA training offers practical work across all three disciplines. Not only does it allow me to keep my options open in the future, the varied exposure helped me to digest the exam content a lot faster.

Studying alongside a full time job is challenging without a doubt, but Dixon Wilson provides a great amount of support as we are booked with an excellent training provider to learn the exam content. I was surprised as to how quickly I am getting through the exams with a high level of success.

What I enjoy the most about my role is that I can use the practical skills I have developed to help my family and friends. I have been able to offer up my tax knowledge to my friends who want to start their own businesses, and create cashflows to help manage the spending of my shopaholic friends as a result.

Dixon Wilson is a very social firm and I have really enjoyed my time working here. It is a big enough firm that you get to meet many kinds of people, but small enough that you get to know the names of everyone that work in the office. I like that we are seated with staff at all levels of seniority, which helped me feel as a part of the company quickly.

If you work hard, you just need a little bit of luck to succeed! Best of luck to you!